When to Use Microsoft Teams vs. Cisco Webex Teams vs. Desktop Notifier


Determining the Right Solution

As Singlewire Software continues to expand the available InformaCast integrations, we want to ensure that our customers are always putting the best foot forward when it comes to sending alerts to their people. We believe that leveraging the right channels can make a profound difference during an emergency situation to help keep people safe and informed. In many environments that means reaching people on their desktop computers. InformaCast offers alerts to Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex Teams and our own Desktop Notifier feature to help communicate critical safety information. But what’s the difference between these three offerings, and which is the best option for your organization to use during a crisis?

In this blog post, we’ll go over the differences between these three integrations and under what circumstances your organization should use them for mass notification.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is included with Office 365 and is used for collaboration and communication. It is often used in organizations as a means to share ideas, provide status updates on projects, as well as other audio and video collaboration needs. It can integrate with InformaCast through the use of a bot which can trigger notifications. It works as an extension of InformaCast Command Center and surfaces an adaptive card that can be filled out to provide details about the situation taking place. Once the card is completed, the bot confirms the submission and sends alerts through Microsoft Teams, as well as all other InformaCast integrated devices within an organization, such as IP speakers, desk phones, mobile devices, digital signage and more. It can also prompt key safety team members to join a Microsoft Teams channel where they can collaborate and follow up on the situation. In the Microsoft Teams channel, users can view summaries of responses directly from InformaCast to see the effectiveness of the alert that was sent out. Follow up messages can also be sent directly from Microsoft Teams.

Learn more about adding Microsoft Teams

Organizations leveraging Microsoft Teams for daily operations should consider adding the InformaCast Fusion integration to add value to their existing Microsoft Teams usage. It offers a quick and easy way to trigger notifications and reach people on an application they use regularly without needing to log into a separate tool. This helps decrease the chance that someone misses critical safety information during an emergency and helps get messages out faster.

Cisco Webex Teams

Cisco Webex Teams is the primary collaboration tool from Cisco. It can be used to manage projects, launch conference calls, and facilitate efficient communication between employees. Cisco Webex Teams serves as an endpoint for InformaCast. In addition to other devices and systems that receive InformaCast mass notifications, organizations using Cisco Webex Teams can also receive InformaCast alerts directly within the Cisco Webex Team interface. InformaCast alerts can be triggered from within Cisco Webex Teams using commands and other Cisco products, like IP phones, can be configured to send live audio broadcasts, recorded audio broadcasts, and trigger your entire mass notification ecosystem.

Desktop Notifier

InformaCast Desktop Notifier offers four alerting options for reaching people on their desktop computers. For organizations that do not utilize collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams or Cisco Webex Teams, and still want mass notifications to reach desktop computers, this is the best option. Available with InformaCast Advanced and InformaCast Fusion, Desktop Notifier can send pop-up, ticker, toast and/or tray notifications to desktop computers. Text, colors and images can be customized to fit certain situations and the branding of the organization sending the alerts. Audio can also play when alerts are sent to provide even more options for grabbing people’s attention. This offers a wide breadth of flexibility so organizations can determine how intrusive they want to be. Keyboard shortcuts can also be configured if organizations want people to be able to trigger notifications directly from their desktop computers as well.

This is a general overview of three potential solutions. Understand how people in your organization like to be reached and determine how adding InformaCast integrations to existing devices and systems can help expand the speed and reach of your emergency messages.




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