Leveraging Twitter with InformaCast Emergency Notification


Reach People Where They Live

Where an emergency occurs, many people’s first instinct is to turn to social media. Social media channels such as Twitter are easily accessible from mobile and on-premises devices and are frequently updated with breaking news. It makes sense that this is the first place many people look when searching for information about an event.

However, many organizations chose not to leverage social media channels as part of their emergency communication plan. This may be for a number of reasons, including not wanting to publicize an emergency event or not having resources to regularly update a social media channel.

That’s why InformaCast offers options for outbound alerts for Twitter. With the push of a button, emergency alerts sent to phones, speakers and other devices using InformaCast, can also be sent to an organization’s official Twitter accounts. In this blog post, we’ll discuss how these social media tools can be integrated with InformaCast and best practices for emergency notification through social media.

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Why Social Media Is Critical in Emergency Notification

An organization should leverage every channel available to alert people when an emergency occurs. This includes social media. If an organization does not utilize its accounts as an official source of information it can leave people in the dark, and leave them searching for information from less reputable sources. Rumors and other misinformation can hinder a response, so establishing social media channels that work in concert and reflect messaging that is used across an organization to warn about an event helps battle the damaging effects of unverified reports.

Campus Safety Magazine compiled an article that walks through best practices for using social media in crisis communications. It outlines the importance of including social media as part of an effective crisis communication plan. It also outlines best practices for using social media before, during and after a crisis.

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Using Twitter with InformaCast

Due to the prevalence of social media, Singlewire Software has developed integrations with Twitter that organizations can use to send emergency alerts at the same time they are pushing messages to speakers, phones, desktop computers, email and more. Twitter integration is available with InformaCast Advanced, Mobile and Fusion.

Twitter is considered a collaboration group when setting up InformaCast Mobile or Fusion. Alerts sent to Twitter will include the “Subject” and “Body” and an image as well. Social media posts will display the same as other content from the organization. Please see the example image below.


One Part of a Bigger Picture

Social media is just one component of what should be a multifaceted mass notification plan. Using only one method to communicate information about emergencies is rarely the most effective way to reach people. Organizations need to leverage every channel and device available during life-threatening emergencies to fulfill their duty of care. With InformaCast Fusion, they can utilize a centralized hub to preplan messages and configure groups, so when an emergency occurs, all it takes is the press of a button to reach everyone they need to with critical information.




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