Expanding UCaaS Paging Capabilities with Mass Notification


Expanding UCaaS Paging

These days, many organizations are turning to Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) solutions for communication and collaboration. UCaaS offers the scalability and flexibility many organizations need for modern environments. This often manifests in the form of a paging solution to broadcast messages throughout a building. However, many organizations have complex needs that cannot be satisfied with a simple one-size-fits-all solution. They need additional features that will help them address a number of different situations. This becomes particularly important when organizations are trying to communicate safety information during an emergency.

With a mass notification system working in conjunction with a UCaaS solution, organizations can boost their ability to respond to crisis situations and share information. In this blog post, we’ll outline how organizations can augment a UCaaS solution with a mass notification system to expand their communication capabilities to address a variety of potential safety use cases.

Adding More Power to Paging

While paging with UCaaS can be useful, one of the biggest benefits of implementing a mass notification system with a UCaaS solution is begin able to connect a wide range of different devices and manage them from a single interface. Administrators can connect, monitor, and configure IP phones, IP speakers, zone controllers, and more to develop a connected ecosystem for communication. Multiple groups and zones can be configured so the right messages reach the right people, whether it’s a select security team or an entire organization.

With audio messages that can reach large groups of people via different devices, organizations have a much better chance of having people notice an alert. Audio can interrupt ongoing activities and force people to pay attention. When people are aware of a situation, they can take action more quickly, which can make a big difference during an emergency. The sooner people are aware of a potentially dangerous situation, the sooner they can seek shelter.

Learn why mass notifications offer more than paging

More Safety Use Cases

Mass notification systems also help organizations handle more than simple immediate alerting tasks in the face of an emergency. These tools can also help automate messages and processes to reduce the workload on administrators and further expedite the alerting process. Mass notification systems can be used to create and manage school bell schedules and other periodic announcements. It can also be used to automatically lock doors, send links to security camera feeds, and be configured to send automated alerts when severe weather approaches a particular area.

These alerts can also reach additional devices besides those already mentioned. Desktop computers, digital signage, and mobile devices can also be leveraged to add text to audio messages so people have additional cues to take notice of a notification. The more channels an organization uses, the more likely it is that they will reach everyone that needs to receive a message.

Once that message is received, mass notifications can help organizations manage ongoing incidents by launching virtual collaboration spaces. Invites to tools like Microsoft Teams and Cisco Webex Teams can be sent to key stakeholders following an alert distribution. This helps quickly gather the right people who can determine the best course of action.

With UCaaS and mass notification, organizations can set themselves up to successfully handle any emergency they encounter.




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