InformaCast Advanced Updates User Interface for Mass Notification


A Simpler, More Modern Experience

As part of Singlewire Software’s ongoing effort to provide customers with modern solutions for mass notification, the company has launched a redesigned user interface (UI) for InformaCast Advanced. Customers that upgrade to 12.13.1 for InformaCast Advanced will be able to take advantage of a simplified and more modern interface for building, managing and sending mass notifications that keep people safe and informed.

This update only applies to InformaCast Advanced. There are no changes to the user interface for InformaCast Mobile or InformaCast Fusion customers.

For this blog post, we sat down with one of Singlewire Software’s software engineers, Cameron Bjorklund, who served as the project lead for the InformaCast Advanced UI redesign project, to discuss how this project came to be and what InformaCast Advanced users can expect from the new UI.

Why update the InformaCast Advanced UI?

To put it simply, it needed to be done. The InformaCast Advanced user interface has not changed much since the software initially launched. It needed a facelift from a visual perspective and a revamp from a usability standpoint. This is an update our customers and partners have been asking for and we are always looking to deliver the best possible experience when it comes to using our software. We’ve also gotten a lot of positive feedback from the user interface for our InformaCast Fusion offering and wanted to offer an experience more akin to that with this update.

What was involved in redesigning the InformaCast Advanced UI?

This was a lengthy process. We did not want to simply slap a new coat of paint on what was already there. We gathered feedback from customers, partners and our own team members to understand what was working and what could be improved. We brought in a third-party designer to help get a fresh perspective on how to provide a modern, user-friendly experience and have added a permanent design expert to our team to provide ongoing improvements.

What benefits will customers get with the new InformaCast Advanced UI?

The biggest benefit is simplicity. Menus are no longer buried, and we simplified the user experience across the board by consolidating certain features and settings onto a single page. We’ve also created a more wizard-like experience for tasks like creating messages and recipient groups. All of this was done with the intention of making the system easier to use, so our customers can spend less time managing it.

We’ve also updated the color scheme to make the user interface WCAG AA Color Blind compliant.

What do InformaCast Advanced users need to know the first time they experience the new UI?

First of all, there is no longer a home page. Instead, we direct users to the most relevant page based on their role. For example, people in charge of creating messages will land on the messages page. People who have permission to send messages will land on that page, and so on.

Second, things are going to look different, so it may take a little time to understand where the features customers typically use now reside. Plan your update accordingly and familiarize yourself with the new UI. Customers that upgrade will no longer have access to the old UI, so upgrade during a period that gives you the opportunity to explore the new UI in full.

Read the full release notes for InformaCast 12.13.1 in the Singlewire Support Community




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