Secure Technology Funding with Help from Zoom and InformaCast


Leverage Funding Resources

The safety and communication challenges of K-12 schools continue to evolve, but funding has not always kept up. While many grants are currently available that help fund technology projects to address these challenges, it can be difficult and time-consuming to find and identify the grants your school is eligible for. Our partners at Zoom have enlisted the help of Learn Design Apply, a grants consulting and management company to assist customers with finding and applying for relevant grants that will help fund technology projects. This is a free resource, and the video below outlines how your organization can leverage Learn Design Apply and Zoom to identify the grants and technology your organization is eligible for. 

InformaCast and Zoom Phone

Many technology grants can be used to pay for communication solutions that help keep K-12 schools running smoothly especially in the event of a crisis situation. We recently partnered with Zoom to enable integration between our InformaCast mass notification software and Zoom Phone enabling a wealth of mobile and on-premises alerting capabilities. When a notification is triggered from a Zoom Phone it can be delivered to an ecosystem of connected devices and systems, sending text, audio, and visual messages to other phones, IP speakers, desktop computers, digital signage, and mobile devices. Messages can be preconfigured to address any urgent situations an organization may face, including severe weather, active shooters, and medical emergencies. Being able to activate alerts from devices and systems people are using regularly makes it quick and easy to get the word out when time is of the essence.

Zoom Phone customers will also be able to utilize InformaCast CallAware to receive alerts when someone dials an emergency number from a Zoom phone (often 911). When an emergency number is dialed, select team members will receive an InformaCast notification with details about who placed the call. This can help organizations quickly deploy assistance to those who need it and direct first responders, so no time is wasted locating the person in need.

Watch this video to learn more about how combining InformaCast and Zoom Phone can address three common safety and communication challenges in K-12 schools which fulfill the requirements for many funding grants.

For help securing funding for your technology projects, contact the Zoom grant writing team at [email protected]. If you’re interested in seeing how InformaCast can help your school enhance safety and communication, watch our on-demand demo video.




InformaCast Online Demo