Conference Call Feature of InformaCast

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Learn more about how the Conference Call Plugin for InformaCast can be used in your organization to automatically invite managers to a conference call when an emergency event takes place.


With the new Conference Call Plugin from Singlewire, you can start a conference call with an InformaCast broadcast.

So why is that important? Well, with the InformaCast broadcast, you’re going to communicate with people, tell them what the emergency situation is, but at the same time you’re going to automatically a call manager ad hoc conference call and then automatically call people to join that call.

So the idea is this you have an emergency in your organization you use InformaCast to notify everybody what that emergency is, what they need to do to stay safe in that emergency, you start an InformaCast Conference Call plugin.

You start an emergency conference call, and you automatically call your emergency response team so they can get together on that call begin dealing with what ever that emergency situation is. “Warning a chemical spill has been reported. Please take shelter immediately. Hello, this is a conference call invitation from InformaCast. Press one to answer the conference call. Press two to listen to the broadcast that triggered this conference call. Press three to decline. Warning a chemical spill has been reported please seek shelter immediately. Hello.”

With the Conference Call Plugin, for each individual that you’re going to contact, you can call up to three numbers, and the idea of course is let’s call their desk phone, let’s call their cell phone, let’s call their landline. Now, imagine that you got this call on your cell phone or you got it on your landline at home, we’re going to give you the option to listen to the audio from that InformaCast broadcast.

Before you join the conference call the idea of course, you’re well informed, you know what’s going on, and we need you in that conference call, you’re ready to dive in and help manage that situation.