Singlewire Software Releases Meraki Camera Integration for InformaCast Fusion

Integrate InformaCast with Cisco Meraki cameras
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Building a Powerful Ecosystem

At Singlewire Software, our goal is to always provide our users with a solution that can take the technology they already have in place and make it even more powerful. As security issues continue to be a concern at organizations across the country and around the world, having an emergency notification system that can connect with security cameras helps facilitate effective responses to crisis situations. That’s why Singlewire now offers integration between Cisco Meraki cameras and InformaCast.

In this blog, we’ll review the two ways InformaCast Fusion and Cisco Meraki cameras work together to provide a powerful ecosystem solution for safety and security.

Panic Button Integration

Panic buttons continue to be in high demand, and with InformaCast, users can configure panic buttons right on their Cisco IP phones. With the new integration with Meraki cameras, the notifications that get sent when a panic button is triggered can now include a link to the nearest Meraki camera. Recipients can also gather in a Webex space to view the camera footage and begin coordinating a response to the situation.

Motion Detection Triggers InformaCast Broadcast

Notifications can also be sent directly from the Meraki camera. When Meraki cameras detect motion, they can signal to InformaCast Fusion to trigger a broadcast notification. The notification can be prebuilt to include details about motion being detected and what camera detected that motion.

Building Safer Schools and Campuses

This integration is part of the Cisco Safer Schools and Campuses initiative. Singlewire Software is dedicated to providing K12 schools and higher education facilities with the tools they need to keep students and staff safe. InformaCast offers a number of integrations with technologies many schools have already invested in, including overhead paging, digital signage, desktop computers and more. These integrations help schools build a robust mass notification ecosystem to achieve the speed and reach schools need to keep everyone safe and informed.

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