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InformaCast-Mobile-SMSHello. I'm Brad Parkel with Singlewire Software. 

Today, we're talking with Tim Green, vice president of software development, about the upcoming release of InformaCast Mobile.
So the biggest thing that's new with InformaCast Mobile is we have added the ability to send an InformaCast Mobile broadcast as an SMS message.

Now, the reason we did that is the InformaCast Mobile today encompasses an iOS and an Android application. So if everybody that you want to reach on a mobile device has either an iPhone or an iPad or an Android phone or an Android tablet, they can have the InformaCast mobile application on that device.

And you could push text, audio, and pictures to them. And oh, by the way, you can also solicit a response back from them. If, however, you've got people in this community of people that you want to reach that don't have an iOS or Android device, you can't get a message to them with InformaCast Mobile.

So we heard this feedback loud and clear from our customers. And we decided the best way to meet that requirement was to add SMS capability.
And so now, if you want to reach folks that have a Win Phone, that have a BlackBerry phone, or have a feature phone that's SMS capable, when you send an InformaCast Mobile broadcast as a text--and since it's SMS, it's just the text--the text from that broadcast can be broadcast to people with Win Phone, with Blackberry, and with SMS cable feature phones so that they can participate in and be informed by that InformaCast mobile broadcast.

And Brad, if I'm sending you an InformaCast Mobile broadcast via SMS-- and remember, it's just the text piece-- I can also solicit a response back from you via SMS, which is something that not many, if any, other push notification providers do.

How do you see that being used? What's a typical use case for that? 

OK, so that's a great question. 

I've talked to lots of customers about this. And far and away, the use case that they're interested in is they've got an emergency situation, and they want to pinpoint people who need assistance. That's the number one reason people love a confirmation in InformaCast Mobile.

So I can say, Brad-- I can push a notification to you or send it to you via SMS that says, there is an intruder in the building. Do you need help? And right from the application on your iOS or Android device or by SMS and by texting me a message back, you can answer the question, do you need help in this situation?

And of course, in that situation, if you don't get the number of responses that you're looking for in a certain period of time, you can actually have an escalation rule in place, which says, oh, OK, we didn't get the response we needed. We've still got this emergency situation. We'd better send that broadcast out to a larger group of people in an attempt to get the response that we need.

Very good.

We're including SMS with every InformaCast Mobile bundle.

Now, there is a cost for SMS. And that's one of the downsides of it. And that's actually one of the reasons people don't like it.

When I as a provider send an SMS message, I get charged. And so consequently, I've got to charge my customers. Now, what we've done is decided to include a bundle of SMS messages with every InformaCast Mobile subscription. As a customer, you can send as many SMS messages as you want.

We're never going to shut you off, because we'd never do that.

Now, imagine that we included 100 messages, and when you used them up, we said, oh, sorry, can't send anymore. And now you've got an emergency situation where you need to reach people via SMS. You're stuck.

So what we do instead is we say, hey, customer, we're going to trust you. Send all you want. And at the end of that month, we're going to send you an invoice to pay for those additional messages that you used.
If you're interested in learning more or would like to purchase InformaCast contact our sales team at 608.661.1140.

Thanks for listening.

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