See InformaCast’s Customized Solution For When People Are on the Phone


Anyone who has ever encountered something touted to be “One Size Fits All” knows just how untrue that claim is. You and your organization aren’t One Size Fits All. Your products shouldn't be either.

With InformaCast, we don’t give you a cookie cutter solution; we give you one that is customizable to the specific needs of your organization. 


One especially useful customization is the ability to skip or override phones that are in use. For instance:

  • If you are broadcasting an everyday page, you can choose to skip phones in use so people on the phone will not have their call interrupted. Or if you want people on the phone to receive the page, you can choose to have InformaCast send your message to their phones in a 'whisper.' They will be able to hear it, but the person on the other end of the line will not.
  • If you are sending an emergency broadcast, you can override phones in use so that everybody – including people on the phone – will be able to hear your message and stay safe.
  • Depending on the situation, you can easily adjust the volume at which InformaCast broadcasts go out. You can use the volume that is already set on each individual phone, or override the volume to send an emergency notification at maximum volume. 

InformaCast allows you to both skip phones in use and override them when you need to. Emergencies aren’t planned, and we don't make you choose between having a reliable and effective everyday paging solution and being protected in the event of an emergency. With InformaCast, you get a solution that fits you and your organization.




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