InformaCast Night Bell (Loud Ringer): Know When There's a Call

alert software for security team phone calls

An important phone call comes into your business after-hours. If your security team is away from their desk, how do they know there's a call?

InformaCast's Night Bell feature is a great way to automatically play a ringing tone throughout your facility to alert staff when there's a call. InformaCast plays the ring through the building's overhead paging system or to speakers on Cisco IP phones when there's a call. Your security team can choose to return to the desk and answer the call or remotely dial into the directory number from another phone.

Doing More with Notification

The InformaCast Night Bell feature can also be used for call notification throughout the workday. 

In situations like a warehouse or a machine shop, people working on loud equipment may find it difficult to hear when the phone is ringing across the room. InformaCast plays a loud ringer tone through the overhead speakers near the phone. It can also activate strobe lights, providing an additional visual cue to staff that the phone is ringing. When someone answers the call or the caller hangs up, the sound of the phone ringing stops. 

From after-hours phone calls to weather alerts to emergency notifications, InformaCast leverages the phone system and overhead paging system you already own. It allows you to set-up and manage all of your alerts in one place.

The Night Bell feature of InformaCast can be set-up and configured by your IT staff in a matter of minutes. 

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