Is Your Organization Prepared for Severe Weather?


Severe weather can strike at any time, including at work or school. Does your organization have a plan with policies and procedures for how to respond?

Here are a few questions for you to consider when creating or updating your severe weather response plan:

  • How do staff members currently learn about weather alerts?
  • Do people in your organization listen to a weather radio or wait to hear outdoor sirens?
  • Who is in charge of initiating an alert to your organization?
  • What happens if the person in charge is out of the office or out sick?
  • Can staff members trigger an emergency notification if they're away from their desk?

notification system capable of keeping you and your staff informed wherever you are can help provide an answer to many of these questions by:

  • Monitoring for alerts from the National Weather Service or any other agency that publishes using CAP protocol
  • Automatically notifying the right people when severe weather is approaching your area
  • Allowing you to gather your management/safety team together to discuss response efforts
  • Sending emergency notifications to your entire organization via several different devices, such as overhead paging systems, IP phones, digital signs, iOS/Android devices, and more. The more methods of communication you have, the better chance you have of reaching people wherever they are. A notification system can make this simple.


Does your organization have these concerns regarding weather notification? 




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InformaCast is a full-featured emergency notification system. It can be used to monitor for severe weather alerts from the National Weather Service (and other organizations) and send text and/or audio notifications via a variety of platforms to reach staff wherever they are. It can also be used for a host of other emergency events, like when someone dials 911 in your organization or when someone presses a button to request immediate help. Contact Singlewire to learn more, request an online demo, or download a free trial of InformaCast.

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Here are several great resources that can help you set up weather notifications in your organization: 

Contact Singlewire to learn more, request an online demo, or download a free trial of InformaCast.




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