Paging Gateway Updates Feature Optimized Operating System

paging relay gateway across a WAN

Easily Deploy Multicast Audio Streaming Across a WAN

The Singlewire Paging Gateway gives InformaCast users the ability to send audio across a wide area network (WAN) without the need to route multicast across it. The latest Paging Gateway update, version 1.2.1, offers multiple enhancements to improve users’ broadcasting experience, including:

  • Updated operating system that includes a new kernel and updated versions of all associated utilities.
  • new command-line interface for easier network management and troubleshooting.
  • Faster data writes for configuration changes now written shortly after submission, which improves reliability. 
  • Upgrade your Paging Gateways across the network from your InformaCast server.
  • Release verification confirms new software originated from Singlewire before loading or starting it to increase reliability.

Building Upon a Strong Foundation

These new features improve upon the Paging Gateway’s proven ability to provide mass notification broadcasts across a WAN using unicast, which is converted to multicast at the remote site. This has made it a reliable resource for audio messaging in education, healthcare, manufacturing, business, government and retail settings.

The update can be downloaded directly from InformaCast, and the latest software comes preinstalled for new Paging Gateway customers.

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