Singlewire Paging Gateway for deploying InformaCast Across a WAN


Send Audio Across the WAN

Singlewire’s InformaCast® solution uses multicast in order to provide the speed and scalability of network-based mass notification. Some environments make it difficult to use multicast audio streaming across the WAN (wide area network), either due to routing or bandwidth limitations. With the Singlewire Paging Gateway™ you can send audio across the WAN without needing to route multicast across the WAN.

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Here's how it works:

  • Within InformaCast, send an audio message
  • Audio is sent from InformaCast unicast to the Paging Gateway over the WAN
  • The Paging Gateway at the remote site turns the unicast audio into multicast audio
  • The phones and IP speakers receive and play the multicast audio

You can choose whether to run Paging Gateway on a server you supply or on a ready-to-run appliance from Singlewire. To deploy one or more Paging Gateways, you must also be running the InformaCast virtual appliance 8.0.2 or higher.

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