Protect Visitors with Easy Emergency Notification Opt-In

emergency notification text alerts to visitors

Visitor Notification from InformaCast

It’s important to protect the people that come to your facility everyday, but what if you could extend those security solutions to cover visitors?

Emergency notification for visitors from InformaCast allows administrators to create campaigns for individuals temporarily visiting their facilities, even if they do not have the InformaCast Mobile app. Visitors can register to receive notifications using a web browser or by texting a hashtag to a phone number (e.g. text #visitoralerts to XXX-XXX-XXXX). This makes it easy for people to sign up and stay informed while they’re visiting.

Apply to Any Industry

Regardless of what field you work in, InformaCast visitor notification is a powerful tool to enhance safety. It can be deployed across a variety of environments to protect and inform those who otherwise might not have access to critical information.

Many current users deploy this feature for outside contractors who are spending extended periods onsite, but it can also be used in a variety of industries for:

  •      Healthcare – Frequent patient visitors
  •      Business – Conference attendees
  •      Manufacturing – Plant inspectors
  •      Education – Parents weekend or sporting events
  •      Retail – Valued customers
  •      Government – Visiting dignitaries

This a fast and easy way to provide visitors with vital information during their stay. Administrators can then reset the subscribed list for the next campaign to ensure no one receives irrelevant notifications. This feature is currently available for all InformaCast Mobile users.

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