Mobile Panic Buttons Provide Personalized Protection

protect employees with mobile panic buttons
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Help Individuals In Need

When organizations look at mass notification solutions, they often focus on the word “mass.” They want a tool that allows them to reach as many people as possible with critical information. With a wide range of device integrations, including desk phones, speakers, digital signage, desktop computers, and mobile phones, organizations can deliver messages to everyone. This helps keep people safe, minimizes operational disruptions, and builds confidence that no matter what kind of event occurs, there are tools and procedures in place to handle it.

While these features help keep everyone informed, many organizations are looking for ways to provide more personalized protection solutions for their staff. Whether it’s someone walking back to their car at night in an isolated parking lot or someone working in a remote area of a facility, organizations have a duty of care they need to fulfill to send assistance to those in need of help. One of the biggest challenges to accomplishing this goal, though, is knowing who is asking for help and where there are.

Panic buttons available via mobile apps can offer individuals an immediate way to request assistance. In the video below, you’ll see a real-life example of how mobile panic buttons available through the InformaCast app can help people in need when they encounter a dangerous situation.

Mobile Panic Buttons and Incident Management

This video highlights just one example of how organizations can take advantage of a mobile panic button. For any organization with lone workers or instances where workers may need help and do not have other means nearby to request assistance, the mobile panic button offers a simple and convenient way to notify safety team members of an issue. With clear instructions provided to the person who triggered the call for help from within the app and detailed information delivered to safety teams, a response can be deployed quickly, minimizing the risk for the person in danger.

The mobile panic button is part of a growing number of incident management capabilities available within InformaCast. It can be built as its scenario alongside other events organizations must prepare for that require mass notification, including active shooters and severe weather. With scenarios, organizations can group all their messages and resources in a single place, so everything they need is at their fingertips should an emergency occur.

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