Modernize Your School’s Overhead Paging System and Bells

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School districts today face the challenges of aging infrastructure, limited technology funding, and the need to provide a safe environment for their most important assets, the students and staff. Legacy paging systems are often overlooked as a starting point for saving money, optimizing communications, and dramatically improving safety within school buildings.

Looking at your existing paging systems as the foundation layer to building a modernized and future-proofed overhead paging system that doubles as your bell system and emergency notification system offers a quick return on investment.

Connect Older Legacy Paging Systems with New IP-Based Speakers

Singlewire Software’s paging and bell systems allow schools and workplaces to protect their most important assets, their staff, students, and visitors. This technology enables organizations to modernize and integrate their older buildings and aging PA systems with new IP speakers. It also can serve as an essential asset to schools and school districts to help their days run smoothly and protect their students. Consolidating IP speakers with legacy overhead paging systems combined with saving money and time by managing one system makes Singlewire Software’s paging and bell systems the perfect choice for every organization.

Effectively Notify Everyone with an Overhead Paging System

A well-implemented paging system is a powerful tool for spreading the word in an organization. Administrators can share live and recorded audio pages to all the facility’s speakers with Singlewire Software’s product, InformaCast. This product even allows existing equipment like desk phones to be incorporated into a newly-updated system. The PushToTalk walkie-talkie/intercom feature facilitates instantaneous communication between multiple parties or can be used to talk directly between two people on a one-to-one basis.

Helping Operations Run Smoothly

Singlewire Software’s bell systems enable schools to Incorporate bell scheduling and overhead announcements into their days for smoother operations. These systems allow schools to better allocate their resources to more valuable tasks. By automating these routine tasks, schools can better utilize their time to have more productive and safe workdays. Singlewire Software’s bell systems allow flexibility and adaptability when choosing a schedule. Schools can make exceptions for weeks impacted by exams, holidays, or late starts, so tones do not play when buildings are unoccupied. Administrators can easily update the schedules from the convenience of a web console or mobile app.

Furthermore, our bell systems connect all buildings to one unified system with district-wide emergency paging. In times of emergency, this system enables effective communication that can save lives.

For nearly two decades, schools and school districts have trusted Singlewire Software to cost-effectively modernize paging and bells in their buildings and across the district. Learn more about improving the overhead paging system and bells in your schools.