Singlewire Sponsors MadHacks Event in Madison

MadHacks in Madison, Wisconsin

Singlewire Software was a proud sponsor of the first intercollegiate national MadHacks 2015 Hackathon in Madison, Wisconsin, on April 18th and 19th, 2015.

Teams ranging is size of one to four people created projects using a wide variety of hardware and software technologies over a 24 hour period. Completed projects were then presented to the group as a whole at the conclusion of the event.

Singlewire provided input and mentorship to teams needing assistance and presented the Tech Talk, Development War Stories from the Front Lines.



Here today we have MadHacks 2015.

It is the very first national hack-a-thon from UW Madison. We have about 300 hackers that came out to hack today. And they're doing various different activities. Different types of hacking.

We're here mentoring today and just trying to help people out as much as possible. There's a lot of people that are trying to figure out what's the best technology to send SMS messages. What's the best technology that they can do to create a little server application? Or, how do I get started in Android? Having experience with all those little details has made it a lot easier to help guide people and get them up and started creating some awesome things.

Hacking is about learning. It's about bringing together different people from many different types of backgrounds, whether that's frontend, backend, server side, or database, they all come together and build the product.

And what they get to do is showcase that product.

We've seen things as simple as people trying to create applications that compute your birthday to some people that are working on trying to figure out the right angle to have your solar panels so that they absorb the right amount of energy. And we have other people that are trying to make chat applications to translate so you can communicate with people in foreign countries. It's really neat. Really innovative things.

A lot of people have come and talk to us, and by far the most common question is who is Singlewire? What do we do? And basically why are we interesting? So having a good sponsor or partner that you can kind of rely on to provide good tech advice and things of that issue is an awesome thing to have.

Madison has traditionally been a top 10 CS (Computer Science) school. We really, really wanted to show not just Wisconsin, but the country, what our students can do.

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