How to Send Emergency Notification Broadcasts to Graduation Visitors


Prepare for an Influx of Visitors

The school year is winding down, and college campuses are preparing for graduation celebrations. On many campuses, this is more than just a ceremony that takes place over a few hours. Some visitors will be on campus for several days before and after graduation day seeing graduates and helping them move out.

While students will be familiar with emergency notification procedures and are likely connected to systems that send alerts, visitors do not have that luxury. If an emergency occurs during graduation weekend, higher education institutions need to have the tools in place that keep everyone safe, even if people are visiting campus for a short time.

Learn About Emergency Notification for Higher Education 

Leverage InformaCast to Keep Visitors Safe

InformaCast emergency notification system offers the ability for visitors to opt-in to receive emergency notifications for a limited time. Using mobile phones, they can text a number with a simple message to begin receiving emergency notifications via SMS text messages. Visitors can also register via a web browser.

From active shooters to severe weather, any type of emergency can occur at almost any time. When sending communications to students and families about the upcoming graduation weekend, include instructions for how they can register to receive emergency notifications. Include information on signs around campus during graduation weekend. It might also be helpful to include links to other campus safety resources and instructions to safe places on campus in the event of severe weather. With the ability to pre-build messages for a variety of scenarios, InformaCast makes it easy to quickly send mass notifications to large groups of people.

Create campaigns with Visitor Notification in InformaCast to inform individuals temporarily visiting facilities. Send a sample message to encourage registration, such as “To receive notifications during Graduation Weekend, text #GradWeekend to 555-555-5555.”

InformaCast can also be used for more than just emergency notification. Graduation weekend on campus can be hectic, so having a source that sends out instructions and reminders about events taking place can be helpful for visitors. Use InformaCast to send alerts to everyone who opts-in.

Commuter Campus Uses InformaCast to Enhance Safety 

Emergency messages can be triggered using the InformaCast platform to send to all campus devices such as desk phones, digital displays, speakers and more, along with mobile devices, including those registered by visitors. After graduation weekend ends, campaigns can be cleared out, so registered numbers do not continue to receive notifications.

Beyond Graduation

InformaCast mass notification is used at higher education institutions across the country to keep students, faculty and visitors safe. Once graduation is over, begin thinking abut events that will take place on campus next year that may involve an influx of visitors. Sporting events, guest speakers, conferences and more may draw people who are not a part of daily campus life. When people purchase tickets, include information about how they can opt-in for emergency notification alerts, and during the event include opt-in instructions on signage around campus. Visitor Notification can also be used to keep construction crews informed during long-term building projects.

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