Singlewire Offers 99.99% Availability on Cloud-Offerings with SLA


A Reliable Solution

Downtime isn’t an option when it comes to emergency notification. That’s why Singlewire Software’s Service Level Agreement (SLA) offers 99.99 percent availability on our cloud-based InformaCast mass notification systems, InformaCast Mobile and InformaCast Fusion.

We stand by our products’ dependability, which means organizations have one less thing to worry about when an emergency occurs. With our SLA, organizations have peace of mind knowing that their message is going to reach everyone who needs to receive it, when they need to receive it.

Whether there is an intruder in a building, an active shooter or approaching severe weather, organizations need to be able to send alerts to everyone. Sophisticated mass notification software is only a smart investment if it can deliver critical information when it matters most. The Singlewire SLA backs our cloud-based offerings’ stable performance abilities.

Cloud-Based Emergency Notification

InformaCast Mobile is a cloud-based notification system that allows you to send images, text, and pre-recorded audio notifications to mobile devices running our iOS and Android App, SMS, phone calls and email. Users increase the likelihood of a critical notification being received and read by reaching people on their mobile devices with our IT alerting.

InformaCast Fusion mass notification system takes the most powerful components of InformaCast Advanced and Mobile, to provide an unparalleled notification solution. Using a single interface, InformaCast alert software reaches on-premises and mobile devices with a versatile array of messaging formats to provide organizations with the most complete mass notification coverage when it matters most.

Each of these services is covered under our SLA to provide reliable, consistent service for emergency notification distribution.

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