Preparing Your Business for Active Shooter Scenarios

prepare emergency notification for active shooter scenarios

Strong Emergency Action Plans Include Emergency Notifications

People are a business’s most valuable resource. When an emergency situation unfolds, business leaders need to have a plan in place to keep their employee’s safe. A recent white paper from Neckerman Insurance Services outlines best practices businesses should take to prepare for an active shooter scenario, including how to develop an emergency action plan (EAP).

One of the key components is utilizing an emergency notification system, such as InformaCast from Singlewire Software, to alert various parties of an emergency. These systems can help notify personnel quickly, including:

  • Individuals at remote locations within premises
  • Local law enforcement
  • Local area hospitals

Building an Effective Plan

When the EAP is in place, it’s also important to designate roles and responsibilities. Knowing who is in charge of activating the emergency notification system when a situation occurs saves time and ensures the message reaches the right audience. 

The white paper also outlines:

  • Tips for staff training
  • Components of an EAP
  • Elements of strong training exercises
  • An emergency phone numbers guide
  • Situation management guidelines
  • Employee and department roles and responsibilities
  • Response procedures  

If you don’t have an EAP, this white paper is a great resource to get started.

How to Prepare Your Business for an Active Shooter - Whitepaper  

For more tips on how to prepare for active shooter scenarios, read this article from the Washington Post.

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