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Develop A Strong Strategy

As the summer nears, severe weather plans become a critical component of any organization’s safety strategy. Tornadoes, wildfires and flooding are just a few of the severe weather events that organizations can encounter, and organizations need to be prepared to provide instructions that keep their people safe.

One of the key components of this safety strategy is providing people with a location they should go to when severe weather approaches. Different situations may require people to evacuate, or head to certain areas of your buildings to stay safe.

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Determine Safe Places & Leverage InformaCast

The National Weather Service recently hosted a Twitter chat outlining different safe place strategies. Through a series of questions and answers, NWS presented the challenges and solutions to develop the best plan for making people aware of where they should go during severe weather events.

Singlewire Software has compiled some of the most relevant questions and responses from this Twitter chat and added tips on how to leverage InformaCast notification system to get critical information into the hands of people who need it.

*Questions and answers have occasionally been edited for clarity.

Q: Why is it important to identify your safe place and practice going there?

A: Your location is the number one factor in determining your level of danger when extreme weather threatens. Taking action and getting to a safe location can mean the difference between escaping harm, injury or death.

With InformaCast, users can prebuild an emergency notification in anticipation of any severe weather event their organization may encounter. Determine your safe place and include this in your prebuilt notifications. This will save time in the moment since critical information has already been decided.

Q: Does my safe place change depending on the hazard?

A: Absolutely. Ask: Shelter in place (tornado) or evacuate (hurricane)? Go low (tornado) or go high (tsunami or flash flood)?

Since InformaCast allows users to prebuild messages for any type of scenario, specific information can vary depending on the event. Determine the different places people should go and procedures they should follow, then build a different message for each case.

Q: How much time do I have to get to a safe place?

A: This fully depends on the hazard. Tornado warnings require immediate action to your safe place.

InformaCast makes it easy to quickly send out critical information in the form of an emergency notification. Features like InformaCast Command Center simplify the emergency notification process to minimize the time between learning about event, and spreading that information throughout an organization.

Q: What are the best “safe places” when a tornado warning is issued?

A: Underground storm shelters. Safe rooms. Designated tornado shelters. Basements. At minimum, the lowest level interior room.

Use these suggested safe places to inform your InformaCast emergency notifications. Make sure you are broadcasting to as many devices as possible to ensure everyone hears the message and knows where to go when severe weather approaches.

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Set Up Automatic Weather Alerts

When users have identified safe places for their people, that information can be combined with InformaCast’s CAP plug-in. This feature gives organizations the ability to set up automatic alerts to know when severe weather approaches. By defining a geographical area, users can have mass notifications sent out for severe weather events that area is most likely to encounter. Those automatic alerts can then be configured to include information regarding the proper safe place their people should go to.

Using InformaCast, organizations can get information into the hands of people who need it quickly. With InformaCast Fusion, this means reaching people through on-premises and mobile devices, and with InformaCast Command Center, it’s easier than ever to set up and send messages with critical information.

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