Outbound CAP Notifications Now Available for InformaCast Fusion

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Outbound CAP Notifications

Singlewire Software is dedicated to helping organizations create connected ecosystems. The more connected an organization’s devices and systems are, the more likely it is that the organization will reach everyone with an emergency message. Part of that dedication is delivering as many methods as possible for organizations to utilize when sending an emergency message.

While inbound CAP triggers for deploying emergency notifications, such as weather notifications from the National Weather Service, have been available with InformaCast for quite some time, Singlewire Software now offers outbound CAP triggers with the latest update to InformaCast Fusion. As digital signage becomes more prevalent in organizations, regardless of size, outbound CAP has become a primary means for reaching these kinds of devices with important communications.

For the full details on this update, read the release notes listed below.

New CAP Features

This update of InformaCast Fusion includes:

  • New Outbound CAP Endpoint. An outbound CAP (Common Alerting Protocol) endpoint allows users to post the contents of a message template’s Subject and Body fields to endpoints that support consumption of CAP messages, such as digital signs.
  • New Outbound CAP Settings Tab. A new tab on the Notification Profile Details page, Outbound CAP Settings, allows users to configure notifications sent to Outbound CAP Endpoint to match any filters their endpoints have configured for displaying CAP messages, such as security-related messages or only those that involve weather. When a message template with an outbound CAP notification profile attached to it is sent to an outbound CAP endpoint, the system identified by the destination URL included in the collaboration group’s connection configuration will receive the notification, evaluate the data included within it, and post or discard the notification based on its evaluation.

Building a Connected Ecosystem

Of course, digital signage is only one component of a robust emergency notification ecosystem. InformaCast Fusion can connect to on-premises and mobile devices to help organizations achieve unparalleled speed and reach from their emergency messages. Visit our Technology Integrations page for more information about how to connect your existing devices to our emergency notification software.