School Bell Systems: 5 Resources for School Bell Wav Files

5 Resources for School Bell WAV files
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Easy School Bell Management

InformaCast simplifies your school bell system allowing you to make quick changes to your schedules in a simple web portal and customize the bell tones heard throughout your district.

Download Sample Audio Files and started with these ready-to-use, royalty-free sample audio tones in the proper format for InformaCast μLaw: 8,000 Hz, 8-bit, mono wav files.

Learn more about InformaCast for K12

Here are some additional websites where you can find school bell WAV files to use with InformaCast.

Setting the bell schedules in schools has become much easier and less intimidating. Gone are the days of complex manual systems with buttons and levers. Staff log into the system, set the schedules on a simple web interface, and click to apply. Any changes made to the system are implemented immediately. Schedules can be established and stored for regular school days versus days with late arrivals/early releases or planned school assemblies that change the typical class schedule.