K-12 Emergency Notification Systems for the New School Year

emergency notification for the new K12 school year
Advanced systems can tie into legacy paging systems and security features, such as door locks, to help leverage existing technology and offer additional opportunities to increase security at schools.

Wahsega Labs' InformaCast-Enabled Speakers Aid Tampa Bay Schools

Wahsega mass communication speakers in K12 schools
Over the summer, schools in Tampa Bay reassessed their speaker and zone controller needs and installed Wahsega Labs’ Two-Classroom 2x2 Ceiling Speaker. These cost-effective speakers integrate with InformaCast to provide a secure learning environment.

Learn from the Best at Campus Safety West

campus safety conference for higher education
Attendees will hear from leading safety and security experts, develop strategies and tactics to reduce risk and improve response and learn first-hand about best practices and procedures for emergency response.

Utilize the Tools to Reach Everyone in Your School

alert software for K12 schools by EdTech Digest
This article in EdTech magazine discusses how using InformaCast's 911 call alerting and mobile notifications together can provide a powerful safety boost to your school.

Keeping Schools Safe with Cisco, Jabber and InformaCast

Safer schools with Cisco and InformaCast emergency notification system
In the demonstration, Cisco illustrates how connected systems make it easy for front desk personnel to assess situations and ask for assistance if they feel there is an issue.

INFOGRAPHIC: Leverage InformaCast for Improved School Communications

K-12 infographic on improved school communication using alert software
InformaCast helps you address the challenges of running a school with minimal disruption, making for easier days, safer students, and increased peace-of-mind.

Get Your School Bell Schedule Ready for the New School Year

We break out the resources to get the most out of the bell scheduling feature of InformaCast.

4 Genius Ways Schools are Using InformaCast

4 ways K-12 schools use emergency notification
4 ways K-12 Schools are Using InformaCast for IoT and emergency notification

Sunnyside School District Uses InformaCast for Lockdown

school district emergency notification lockdown procedures
“I hope to god we never have to do it (implement active shooter procedures)."

Kenosha Unified School District Deploys InformaCast

K-12 school deploys InformaCast emergency notification
"We'd like to think it won't happen, but there has certainly been enough of those events that have happened in our country so we can't ignore that," Finnemore said. "We have to do what we can to be prepared."