Use Location-Based Notifications in InformaCast Mobile

location based emergency notification mobile app
The latest update for InformaCast Mobile includes location-based emergency notifications for InformaCast Mobile. The mobile app and web interface will now offer users the ability to select areas of interest and establish notification perimeters for designated locations.

Singlewire Releases InformaCast 11.5.1 Update

InformaCast emergency notification software 11.5.1 release
Singlewire Releases InformaCast 11.5.1 Update, improving the best platform for emergency notification. This update offers a number of new performance, security and management features, and provides expanded support options.

InformaCast Mobile Launches Conference Call Collaboration

mobile conference calls for crisis communication
Bring together up to 40 people in one conference call to help manage an emergency situation, using InformaCast Mobile.

Paging Gateway Updates Feature Optimized Operating System

paging relay gateway across a WAN
Updates include a new operating system, improved reliability, and the ability to upgrade your Paging Gateways across the network from your InformaCast server.

InformaCast Desktop Notifier - Spring 2016 Update

Emergency notification desktop notifier
If a threat presents itself, displaying a broadcast alert from InformaCast directly onto the desktop work screen is an effective way to immediately get attention. You now have greater flexibility in customizing the color and logo of the alert templates. Support for Citrix VDI has been added as well.

InformaCast Night Bell (Loud Ringer): Know When There's a Call

alert software for security team phone calls
An important phone call comes into your business after-hours. If your security team is away from their desk, how do they know there's a call?

InformaCast 11.0.5 Engineering Overview + Podcast

InformaCast emergency notification engineering overview podcast
InformaCast 11.0.5 includes improvements in security, logging, SNMP v3 support, IP speaker auto registration, API, CallAware 911 alerting, outbound e-mail and night bell.

InformaCast Mobile Feature Update - November 2015

Mobile text alert system fall update
InformaCast Mobile Feature Update - November 2015: mass notification updates include self-service for anonymous users and customized alert tones.

InformaCast Mobile Feature Update - Fall 2015

emergency and mass notification mobile phone alerts
InformaCast Mobile Feature Update - Fall 2015: emergency and mass notification updates for outbound e-mail, user self service and do not disturb.

InformaCast Mobile Feature Update - June 2015

improved emergency notification with InformaCast Mobile update
This release of InformaCast Mobile includes improved emergency notification with a new dialer for calling landlines, improved delivery details/results and more.