New UCaaS Capabilities Now Available in Latest InformaCast Update

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Providing a Seamless Experience

As more organizations turn to UCaaS solutions, Singlewire Software is striving to make the transition as easy as possible with the InformaCast features our customers have come to expect when using our mass notification software in other environments. Our latest InformaCast update focuses on added enhancements to InformaCast when used in conjunction with UCaaS providers so organizations can still leverage powerful mass notification and incitement management tools. In this blog post, we’ll review the new UCaaS capabilities available in the latest InformaCast Fusion update.

New UCaaS Capabilities

The new UCaaS capabilities included in this release include:

  • SIP Configuration Flexibility for Panic Buttons and more: This directly impacts InformaCast customers that have moved to a UCaaS provider and still want to leverage SIP-enabled panic buttons. Many UCaaS providers will not support direct registration of these devices, but several of these devices have the capability to send SIP calls to a SIP server without having to register to a telephony provider. InformaCast can configure their panic button to send a call directly to DialCast. Note that there are security configurations that must be considered to ensure a successful deployment.
  • Enhanced Configurations for Triggering DialCasts through SIP Line Connections: This feature aims to reduce complexity. Now, when an IP speaker is configured to dial a Directory Number matching a DialCast dialing configuration pattern, the call will be sent directly to InformaCast Fusion’s DialCast, removing the need for SIP registration addresses of record.
  • Improved Initiator Variables: When using one of InformaCast Fusion’s fully supported telephony providers and sending DialCasts from IP phones for cloud calling, InformaCast Fusion can now populate the initiator-type variables included in a DialCast’s message template with data provided by inbound SIP messaging. The SIP dialog to trigger a DialCast pattern can include details like a user’s name and/or extension. This will allow customers to include these new variables into message templates and reduce the amount of configuration The initiator-type variables should also work for limited-support telephony providers, but they have not been independently verified.

You can view the full release notes for this InformaCast update here.

Ongoing Resources

Singlewire Software is dedicated to providing resources that help our customers get the most out of their investment in InformaCast. On-demand resources are available within the Singlewire Support Community, including video tutorials, webinars, user guides, and knowledge base articles with detailed troubleshooting information to help solve any issue.