Common Alerting Protocol - What is CAP?

Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) is an open, XML based, digital message format for all types of alerts and notifications. This format allows for the exchange of public emergency notifications between many different mass notification technologies that are available and in use today. CAP messages are typically generated by any organization involved with notifications regarding public safety. 

Organizations in the US currently issuing CAP messages include:

According to the OASIS Emergency Management Technical Committee's documentation the CAP format has capabilities that include:

  • ‘Flexible geographic targeting using latitude/longitude shapes and other geospatial 10  representations in three dimensions’
  • ‘Multilingual and multi-audience messaging’
  • ‘Phased and delayed effective times and expirations’
  • ‘Enhanced message update and cancellation features’
  • ‘Template support for framing complete and effective warning messages’
  • ‘Compatible with digital encryption and signature capability’
  • ‘Facility for digital images and audio’




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