Singlewire Releases Inbound CAP Plugin for InformaCast

The Inbound CAP plugin allows users to monitor CAP data sources, filter for specific data within the message (including geographic location), and send an emergency notification to a group of recipients

Singlewire Software, developer of network-centric notification software for overhead paging, mass notification, and emergency communication, today announced the release of the InformaCast Inbound CAP plugin for monitoring CAP data sources and sending notification.

The Inbound CAP plugin for InformaCast allows users to subscribe and poll various data sources that release their announcements using the new Common Alerting Protocol, or CAP, service. Popular CAP data sources include the National Weather Service (NOAA), the Department of Homeland Security, and the U.S. Geological Survey. When a message is published, rules defined by the organization can be applied to allow only the rebroadcast of the alerts that directly affect the organization.

“This is an easy-to-implement solution for organizations looking to distribute CAP-based notification warnings from federal agencies, as well as state and local governments,” states Ken Bywaters, executive vice president of product development for Singlewire Software. “Its flexibility allows users to subscribe to as many CAP data sources as is practical and immediately deliver any alert message that directly impacts the organization.”

The Inbound CAP plugin is part of the InformaCast notification system. It can be used to trigger notification to people and locations inside an organization via overhead paging systems, Cisco IP phones, computer workstations, digital media displays, and more, as well as reach people outside the organization--at home or remote locations--via phone, SMS text, email, and social media.

This article details how the Common Alerting Protocol is used for weather alerts.

The InformaCast platform for emergency notification and overhead paging was developed in the weeks following the 9/11 attacks to evacuate federal buildings within 15 minutes. Over 3,000 organizations in 45 countries have implemented InformaCast as their notification and overhead paging system. It can be purchased through registered partners of Singlewire.




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