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Clatsop-Community College-Oregon-protect-commuter-students

InformaCast® Helps Oregon Community College Protect Commuter Students

Reed College uses Zoom and InformaCast.

Oregon College Uses InformaCast® and Zoom Phone to Design a Safer, More Connected Campus

Case Study: Biola University

California University Creates More Effective Alerting System with InformaCast®

Case Study: Centralia College

Washington Community College Leverages InformaCast® for Campus Alerts

Case Study: Tech integration provides connected campus security solution

InformaCast® Delivers Connected Campus Security Solution in Northern Wisconsin

Columbia College implemented InformaCast for its versatility and speed.

California Community College Uses InformaCast® for Reliable and Efficient Emergency Notification

KCTCS uses InformaCast for reaching staff and students with critical safety information.

Kentucky Community College Leverages InformaCast® for Emergency Notification and Paging

Brandeis University uses InformaCast to easily send mass notifications that reach everyone

Massachusetts University Leverages InformaCast® to Help Reach Everyone On Campus

The University of Louisville expanded the use of its IP phone system to include InformaCast for emergency notifications.

InformaCast® Helps Kentucky University Notify Campus About Active Shooter

Red Deer College uses InformaCast to extend message reach

Canadian College Extends Reach and Efficacy of Emergency Notifications with InformaCast®