Confirm Responses and Escalate Notifications

With InformaCast mass notification system, know that your message has been received, and escalate message distribution to ensure that someone is responding to a situation.

  • Real-time Confirmation
    • Receive confirmations that a mass notification has been received, and give users the ability to respond by choosing from predefined options. See these responses in realtime.
  • Dynamic Grouping
    • With InformaCast mass notification software, you can create dynamic distribution groups to send an emergency notification during a crisis.
  • Automated Escalations
    • When an emergency notification is distributed, you can build in escalation rules to automatically broadcast the message to a wider audience if a response is not received. This ensures that the right personnel are aware of the situation and can react to it.
  • Manual Escalations
    • Manually select the appropriate personnel to escalate escalate a mass notification if responses are not being received from the initial audience.
  • Retail Applications
    • Provide excellent customer service by escalating incoming calls to other stores if a parked call goes unanswered. Learn More