K-12 Safety eBook

K-12 Safety eBook

Enhancing K-12 Safety

Singlewire Software has released its latest eBook, “Enhancing K-12 Safety Throughout the Year: A 12-Month Guide to Using Mass Notification and Critical Event Management Tools.” As schools continue to look for ways to protect students and staff, mass notification tools with critical event management capabilities offer many benefits that help streamline alerting procedures. With the understanding that time and other resources may be limited and building a comprehensive safety strategy does not happen all at once, this eBook maps out a plan schools can leverage starting in the summer and continuing through to graduation the following spring. Each month offers a different aspect of mass notification schools can implement to build out a comprehensive and effective safety and communication tool.

Topics covered in the eBook include:

  • Eliminating siloed technology
  • Scheduling school bells
  • Reunification
  • And more!

Finding the Right Solution

Schools realize it takes more than just sending out a message to help resolve an emergency. While being able to reach everyone within a school with vital safety messages is crucial, schools need more to handle a crisis from start to finish. That’s why mass notification solutions are evolving to include critical event management features and integrations with wearable devices. These new features help address the dynamic nature of critical events while allowing personalized alerting to deliver assistance to exactly those who need it. Schools can put every step of their emergency response plans into the mass notification system, and teachers can request help by pressing a button.

With more mass notification options available than ever, it can be difficult for schools to sort through the marketplace to find the best solutions that will best fit their needs. It requires knowing what safety and communication problems they are trying to solve and what separates different solutions. That’s why Singlewire Software also offers a Mass Notification Buyer’s Guide to help schools answer all their questions. The guide includes tips for cost savings, securing a budget, understanding different features, and even a worksheet to compare similar solutions.