Frequently Asked Questions


How can I purchase InformaCast?

Singlewire encourages customers to purchase InformaCast through their Cisco Reseller Partner. If you need help contacting a reseller in your area, call 608.661.1140, option 1 or email

How is InformaCast licensed?

InformaCast is licensed by IP endpoints, primarily the number of Cisco phones in use. For budgetary pricing or a quote, call us at 608.661.1140, option 1 or email

Does InformaCast work with phone systems other than Cisco?

Yes. When used with a non-Cisco phone system, there will be some differences in functionality. First, InformaCast will not send broadcasts to non-Cisco phones. InformaCast will send broadcasts to computer desktops, digital signage, analog overhead paging systems, InformaCast compatible IP speakers, e-mail and mobile phones (via InformaCast Mobile). To trigger a broadcast from a non-Cisco phone system, a SIP trunk must be configured between the phone system and InformaCast. Also, the CallAware feature for 911 alerting will only work on Cisco phone systems. Other than these differences, customers can still use InformaCast Advanced Notification to solve the use cases of intruder alerts, automated weather notification, panic buttons, internet of things integration and more.

What does InformaCast do?

InformaCast is a software solution that transforms Cisco phonesoverhead speakers, and other devices into a powerful IP paging and emergency notification system, whereas you can rapidly text and audio notifications to a variety of endpoints. Go here to watch a brief demo

Is it easy to implement InformaCast?

Yes. We've put together a step-by-step guide, complete with links to resources, to get you started with implementation right away. Go here to see a process overview.

What are the hardware requirements to run InformaCast?

InformaCast runs as a Virtual Appliance on vmWare ESX server. InformaCast is certified to run co-resident with your Cisco Unified Communications Manager. Click here to access the detailed requirements.

What 3rd party elements work with InformaCast?

Click here to view our growing list of technology partners who that provide InformaCast compliant: IP Speakers & Clocks, Call/Panic Buttons, Contact Closures, Gateways, Zone Controllers as well as Digital Signage Providers and 3rd Party Mass Notification Providers.

What does the InformaCast Virtual Appliance include?

The InformaCast Virtual Appliance includes:

  • InformaCast
    To simultaneously send an audio stream and text message to a variety of endpoints including IP speakers, Cisco IP phones, and more. 
  • CallAware
    For 911 monitoring, alerting and recording
  • Legacy Paging Interface (LPI)
    To connect InformaCast to existing analog paging systems
  • PushToTalk
    A walkie-talkie and/or intercom feature
  • Many plugins to extend the reach of your mass notifications: Learn More
Do I need to install anything on my Cisco phones?

No. All configuration is done in the InformaCast Virtual Server and Cisco Unified Communications Manager.

Which Cisco phone models and what versions of CUCM are compatible with InformaCast?

InformaCast works with most Cisco phone models and all recent versions of Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM). Click here for specific details

Does InformaCast work with Cisco HCS (Hosted Communications Server)?

Yes. Under the covers, Cisco HCS is CUCM, so InformaCast will work with HCS. Please contact your Singlewire Territory Manager for additional details.

Where can I find documentation for installing/configuring and using InformaCast?

Click here to access searchable documentation for the most recent version of InformaCast Advanced Notification.

What if I have questions about InformaCast Mobile?

Access the InformaCast Mobile Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Why can't I access InformaCast after upgrading my web browser?

Some versions of Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox do not consistently connect to InformaCast servers that were upgraded from earlier releases which defaulted to using DSA keys for self-signed certificates. We have issued a software package you can upload to your InformaCast Virtual Appliance to regenerate RSA certificates for all of the web applications to address this situation.

We have issued a software package you can upload to your InformaCast Virtual Appliance to regenerate certificates for all of the web applications to address this situation.

Click here to download the package and instructions.

Note: Basic Paging users please contact Cisco TAC and refer your engineer to defect CSCut91894 to resolve this issue.