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Singlewire Software Solutions

Access online demos of InformaCast for business, healthcare, higher education, manufacturing, K12, retail and government. 

Laguna Honda Hospital Implements Singlewire InformaCast for Patient Safety

Laguna Honda Hospital implements a InformaCast solution for triggering customized announcements to the overhead paging system when dementia and at-risk residents leave a specified area.

Case Study - Aspirus Simplifies Operating Room Paging with InformaCast

Aspirus healthcare facilities use InformaCast to provide excellent patient care with overhead paging.

Middleton Cross Plains Area School District Uses InformaCast for School Lockdown, Alerts, Bells, and Paging

Middleton-Cross Plains Area School District implements InformaCast for school lockdown, weather alerts, emergency notification, school bells, overhead paging, and more.

Case Study - Latin School of Chicago

The Latin School of Chicago implements InformaCast for emergency notification, triggering lockdowns and severe weather alerts . Learn more in this video and written case study.

Ouachita Baptist University Sends Notification with InformaCast

Learn more about Ouachita Baptist University’s implementation of InformaCast and how it helps then send mass and emergency notification across their entire campus in this case study.

InformaCast Used for Emergency Communication at Brandeis University

Learn more about how easy it is to send mass notification messages in this case study with Brandeis University.

Case Study - Uplift Education: Flexible, Scalable Overhead Paging and Bell Scheduling

In this case study, read how Uplift Education leveraged their Cisco phone system by turning it into a mass notification system with InformaCast.

Case Study - Columbia College: Quick, Reliable, and Efficient Campus-Wide Notification

In this case study, read how Columbia College increased the speed of paging and mass notification on their campus with InformaCast.

KCTCS Implements InformaCast for Campus Emergency Notification

Kentucky Community and Technical College System (KCTCS) Implements a Singlewire InformaCast Solution as part of a Statewide Emergency Notification System.

University of Louisville Uses InformaCast for Guaranteed Results in Notification

Learn how the University of Louisville uses InformaCast for guaranteed results in notification.

Case Study - BAA Implements InformaCast at London Heathrow Airport

BAA, the world’s leading airport authority, implements InformaCast at London Heathrow Airport. Learn more in this video case study.

Case Study - Joy Global Uses Singlewire Software to Send Emergency Notification

Joy Global / P&H Mining use Singlewire InformaCast with CallAware to help keep workers safe.

Case Study - Red Deer College

Red Deer College in Alberta, Canada uses InformaCast to reach students on its growing campus. Learn more in this video and written case study.

Regenerate InformaCast Application Certificates

Some versions of Internet ExplorerChrome and Firefox do not consistently connect to InformaCast servers that were upgraded from earlier releases which defaulted to using DSA keys for self-signed certificates. We have issued a software package you can upload to your InformaCast Virtual Appliance to regenerate RSA certificates for all of the web applications to address this situation.