Informacast Advanced

Unite disparate systems in one powerful solution to administer critical messages that help keep people safe throughout a building or campus.




On-Premises Notification

InformaCast is a notification software solution that transforms devices on any network into a powerful system for IP paging and emergency IT alerting. It integrates easily with Cisco phones overhead speakers, strobes, panic buttons, and more to increase the speed, reach, and success rate of emergency alerts.

Discover Use Cases & Features

  • Integrate with existing systems
  • Reach devices throughout a building our campus
  • Broadcast live, ad hoc or prerecorded audio
  • Quick and easy distribution of critical information

Send Messages From:

  • Desk phones
  • Web console
  • Internet of Things

Send Messages To:

  • Desk phones
  • Mobile phones
  • IP speakers and clocks
  • Analog paging system
  • Computer desktops
  • Email
  • Twitter
  • Digital signage
  • Internet of Things

Send Messages As: 

  • Live audio
  • Ad hoc audio
  • Prerecorded audio
  • Email

Find the Right Solution

InformaCast Advanced takes users beyond Basic Paging and can reach connected devices within a building or campus. However, that’s not always enough to make sure messages are being read. InformaCast Mobile utilizes a mobile app text alert system and web console to reach people on their mobile devices, and InformaCast Fusion provides the best of both worlds, bringing together the ability to reach mobile and on-premises devices from a single interface. See the capabilities of each solution below to determine which is the best fit for you.


1Available in future release
2Inbound CAP weather feed capability to be released by 1/15/18

InformaCast Advanced FAQ

Interested in learning more? Our FAQs will help you get started understanding what kind of requirements are needed for InformaCast mass notification software and how it can best be deployed in your organization.

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Take a deeper dive into how InformaCast transforms the way organizations manage emergency notification. Check out our user guides, data sheets, case studies, white papers and more to see which of our notification solutions is right for you.

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