InformaCast and Webex Calling

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Use InformaCast in All Cisco Environments

InformaCast mass notification works with Webex Calling and Cisco Unified Communications Manager to create a connected environment focused on safety and communication.

Reach people on every channel

InformaCast serves as the gateway between Webex Calling and other devices on your network.

Send live and recorded audio pages to phones and overhead speakers and deliver text messages to desktop computers, mobile phones, digital signage and Webex Messaging.

Prepare for the future

Leverage cloud-based calling and cloud-based notifications using a single interface to manage all your critical messages.

Overcome common challenges

InformaCast and Webex Calling enable school bell scheduling, automated lockdown and weather alerts, e911, and other applications that help create a safer and more efficient environment.

Learn how to integrate InformaCast and Webex Calling

Webex Calling Documentation

Notification with Webex Messaging

Comprehensive emergency notification and incident management using InformaCast and Webex Messaging.

InformaCast integrates with Webex Messaging to simultaneously bring key personnel into a Webex to manage crisis situations.


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