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Organizations want to be able to plan for the future without sacrificing the tools that keep their operations running. InformaCast with Zoom Phone offers organizations a connected environment focused on safety and communication. Suppose you’re currently using Zoom Phone, or thinking of making a move. In that case, you can leverage the emergency notification capabilities of InformaCast to extend the reach of your critical messages, provide more options for initiating alerts, and confidently handle situations from start to finish.

InformaCast Fusion with Zoom Phone

Emergency Notification

Zoom Phone customers will have full access to InformaCast’s mobile and on-premises alerting capabilities. When a notification is triggered from a Zoom Phone it can be delivered to an ecosystem of connected devices and systems, sending text, audio, and visual messages to other phones, IP speakers, desktop computers, digital signage, and mobile devices. Messages can be preconfigured to address any urgent situations an organization may face. Being able to activate alerts from devices and systems people are using regularly makes it quick and easy to get the word out when time is of the essence.

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911 Alerting

Zoom Phone customers will also be able to utilize InformaCast CallAware to receive alerts when someone dials an emergency number from a Zoom phone (often 911). When an emergency number is dialed, select team members will receive an InformaCast notification with details about who placed the call. This can help organizations quickly deploy assistance to those who need it and direct first responders, so no time is wasted locating the person in need.

Incident Management

Leverage InformaCast with Zoom Phone for start-to-finish incident management. Gather real-time insights, access virtual resources, and gather key stakeholders to understand what’s happening and how to respond so people get the help they need the moment they need it.

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