InformaCast Fusion FAQ

Dive deeper into how InformaCast Fusion works, how to purchase it, and how to best implement with these frequently asked questions.


How is InformaCast Fusion licensed?

InformaCast Fusion is sold as an annual subscription and is priced based on the number of users that will send or receive messages. Each user is entitled to receive messages on a combination of mobile devices (via the Apple/Android app, SMS text messaging, phone calls and e-mail), a computer desktop (Windows or Mac) and a Cisco IP phone.

Please contact Sales at +1 608.661.1140 for more details.


What is the architecture for InformaCast Fusion?

InformaCast Fusion is a hybrid cloud architecture, meaning the primary components are in our data centers in the cloud. For reaching on-premises devices such as an overhead mass notification paging system (analog or IP-based), IP phones, computer desktops and digital signage, there is a VMware-based virtual appliance that runs on the customer's internal network. All traffic between the cloud and the on-site virtual appliance is SSL encrypted.

View this InformaCast Fusion Security document for additional detail.

What are my options for reaching people with InformaCast Fusion?

You can reach people on mobile phones via one of four main methods: (Apple/Android app, SMS text message, phone call, or e-mail). You can also reach people in buildings via an overhead paging notification system, Cisco IP phones, computer desktop pop-ups (Windows and Mac), digital signage and more. We also have an ever-growing ecosystem of partners that gives you even more choices for reaching people and/or taking action as a broadcast is sent.


What is the difference between InformaCast Fusion, InformaCast Mobile and InformaCast Advanced? 

InformaCast Fusion is a cloud-based service that reaches mobile users and on-premises devices through a single interface. InformaCast Advanced runs as a virtual appliance and reaches primarily on-premises devices. InformaCast Mobile is a cloud-based service that reaches mobile users, and it can be configured to send to a separate InformaCast Advanced instance to reach on-premises devices.

The biggest distinction between using InformaCast Fusion vs. the combination of InformaCast Mobile + InformaCast Advanced is in the administration of a single cloud-based mass notification interface.

Can I send a mass notification from my smartphone?

Yes. With the InformaCast app installed on your smartphone, you can easily send a pre-configured or custom emergency or mass notification. You can even include audio and an image.


Can users and/or administrators turn InformaCast mass notification system off or opt out of receiving notifications?

There are four ways to opt out of receiving a mass notification from InformaCast Mobile or InformaCast Fusion:

  1. User logs out of iOS or Android app.
  2. The administrator locks a user in InformaCast Mobile web console.
  3. A user utilizes the self-service feature (available through the Menu icon in the app or at to set his or her desired "do not disturb" window
  4. For SMS devices, a user can text back a reply with one of the following key words: stop, block, cancel, unsubscribe, stopall, end, quit

    Note: Other key words a user can text are:

    • Start, yes - these will alert the carrier that it can send you messages from this long code again
    • Help, info - these will trigger a note back from the carrier that describes what the stop response does


What types of identity providers are supported with Informacast mass notification software for authentication?

InformaCast Mobile and InformaCast Fusion support the following providers

  • Google Apps/Gmail (OpenID Connect)
  • InformaCast Mobile Identity Provider
  • Microsoft Active Directory Federation Services 2.0 or 2.1 (AD FS)
  • Microsoft Azure Active Directory.

Additional details on each identity provider can be found in our InformaCast Mobile Prerequisites document.