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Mobile Notifications

InformaCast Mobile is a cloud-based notification system that reaches people on their mobile devices.

Reach people on mobile devices

Reach people via SMS text messages, push notifications to the InformaCast Mobile app, phone calls, and emails.

With a streamlined setup process, you will be sending your first message in minutes

Administer messages through a mobile app

Create and send messages from the mobile app or from a web page. Using Command Center functionality, trigger predefined scenarios tailored to your organization.

See real-time responses from users

As responses come in, you'll see the results update in real-time. Send follow up responses to a group or to individuals.

Multiple messaging options for maximum reach

Looking to do more than reach people on mobile devices? Whenever you're ready, easily upgrade to InformaCast Fusion to reach people via on-premises devices like computer desktops, overhead paging, desk phones, and digital signage.

How Does InformaCast Mobile Work?


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Want the most effective mass notification system available?

The needs of your organization will continue to evolve over time, and you may find that relying solely on mobile notifications is not adequate when trying to reach everyone. As you resume using your facilities, adding on-premises notification to your mobile alerts can expand the reach of your messages and ensure that no one misses an alert when it matters most.

InformaCast Mobile offers organizations the ability to future-proof their notification strategy by offering a simple way to also add on-premises notification. Selecting InformaCast Mobile now provides an easy path to upgrade to InformaCast Fusion in the future. InformaCast Fusion uses a single interface to allow organizations to manage and send alerts to all of their mobile and on-premises devices. This means organizations can achieve the most complete reach of their mass notifications so everyone is aware of a situation.

Get your organization back up and running now and prepare for the future with InformaCast mass notification solutions that enhance communication and safety.