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Leverage the power of mobile devices and reach anyone, anywhere, at anytime.



Mobile Notification

InformaCast Mobile is a cloud-based notification system that allows you to send images, text, and pre-recorded audio notifications to mobile devices running our iOS and Android App, SMS, phone calls and email. Increase the likelihood of a critical notification being received and read by reaching people on their mobile devices with our IT alerting.

Discover Use Cases & Features

  • Reach people on mobile devices
  • Administer messages through mobile app
  • See real-time responses from users
  • Multiple messaging options for maximum reach

Send Messages From:

Send Messages As: 

  • Ad-hoc audio
  • Prerecorded audio
  • SMS text
  • Email
  • Phone calls
  • Push notification

Send Messages To:

  • Mobile phones
  • Email

Find the Right Solution

InformaCast Mobile text alert system reaches people on their mobile devices, so whether they are on-premises or beyond, they receive the information they need to stay safe. InformaCast Advanced emergency notification system, goes beyond Basic Paging and can send messages to devices within a building or campus, and InformaCast Fusion alert software provides the best of both worlds, bringing together the ability to reach mobile and on-premises devices from a single interface. See the capabilities of each of these notification solutions below to determine which is the best fit for you.


Emergency Mass Notification System


Emergency & Mass Notification System


Text Alert & Emergency Notification System


Emergency Notification System Solutions


 Send Text and/or Audio From:
  Desk phones  X1   X X
  Web console   X X X
  iOS or Android mobile app   X   X
  Other systems     X X
 Send Text and/or Audio To:
  Cisco IP phones  X1   X X
  Desk phones        X2
  Mobile phones   X   X
  SMS text   X   X
  Phone calls   X   X
  Push notifications   X   X
  Email   X X X
  IP speakers and clocks     X X
  Analog paging system     X X
  Computer desktops     X X
  Twitter   X X X
  Digital signage     X X
  Internet of Things     X X
 Automatically Broadcast Notifications for:
  Outbound calls to 911     X  X*
  Incoming severe weather (via CAP)   X X X
  Conference call collaboration   X X X
  Cisco Webex Teams   X     X*
  Microsoft Teams       X
  Night bell     X  X*
  School bells     X X
 Event Management
  Message confirmation and escalation   X X X
  Command Center   X   X
  Geo-location and boundary triggers    X   X
  Monitor events in real-time   X   X
  Integrated Public Alert and Warning System   X   X
 Architecture Type
  Onsite virtual appliance X   X X
  Cloud server   X    
  Hybrid cloud architecture           X
  Hardware appliance (IFS) / (IAS)     X X
  Resiliency (InformaCast Cluster)     X  
  Internet survivability   X   X
  WAN survivability       X
  Distributed Activation       X


Exclusively for Cisco UCM, users can participate in making and receiving live audio pages to Cisco IP phones,
and can reach up to 50 Cisco IP phones at the same time with Basic Paging.
 Phones capable of listening for an audio stream sent over a multicast IP address and port

* Exclusively for Cisco UCM

InformaCast Mobile FAQ

Interested in learning more? Our FAQs will help you get started understanding what kind of requirements are needed for InformaCast mass notification software and how it can best be deployed in your organization.

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Take a deeper dive into how InformaCast transforms the way organizations manage emergency notification. Check out our user guides, data sheets, case studies, white papers and more to see which of our notification solutions is right for you.

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