Overcome network outages, power failures and other interruptions

If your organization experiences continuity issues, you ensure you can still communicate. Resiliency is a licensed feature for our InformaCast Advanced software. In the event of a network outage, power failure, or disruption to your primary InformaCast Advanced server, a secondary InformaCast Advanced server automatically takes over so you can continue to share critical information with your people.

InformaCast Resiliency


  • Publisher/subscriber model
  • Geographically redundant
    • Publisher and subscribers can be on separate subnets, even in separate data centers in separate countries
    • Singlewire recommends that customers collocate InformaCast servers running InformaCast Resiliency with Cisco Unified Communications Manager servers
  • Available with InformaCast Advanced (v 9.0.2+)
    • Support for LPI, CallAware, and Park and Page in versions 11.0.2+
  • Compatible with Cisco Unified Communications Manager (v8.5 +)
  • Configurable, with failover detection between cluster members within 30 seconds of outage
  • Licensed/paid feature:

How It Works

  • InformaCast Resiliency allows you to have clusters of servers running InformaCast Advanced mass notification software. A cluster can contain one publisher and one subscriber.
  • Messages and recipient groups replicate from the publisher to the subscriber.
  • Each server has a priority ranking. A server will automatically become active if all of the servers ranked in front of it are unavailable.
  • InformaCast Resiliency provides failover, not additional capacity.

Using Resiliency

  • The web user interface provides a single point of administration.
  • You can initiate a mass notification on a cluster of servers by picking up an IP phone and dialing a designated extension. InformaCast Resiliency and Cisco Unified Communications Manager find the active server and send your message to those who need to hear it.
  • Keep each InformaCast server bookmarked. Log in to the active server to send your message.

Features That Work on Subscriber Servers

  • Messages
  • Recipient Groups
  • Plugins
  • Reports*
  • Clear phones function
  • SIP for DialCast
  • LDAP login, groups, roles*
  • Intercom Sessions

*Note: Resiliency has some caveats; see the InformaCast Resiliency Planning Guides and User Documentation to support your environment, devices, and use cases.

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