InformaCast Solutions Across Industries

Following the events of September 11th, a United States federal agency was looking for a solution to help alert its employees that they needed to evacuate the building. This challenge gave birth to InformaCast, a solution that helps protect organizations’ most valuable assets: its people. Today, InformaCast has grown to become a leading mass notification system in businesses, healthcare and educational institutions around the world.


Protect employees from potential threats with discreet distress buttons and 911 monitoring.

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Facilitate efficient lockdowns and evacuations for local, state and federal government buildings.

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Provide excellent care with automated paging and patient tracking through a single notification system.

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Higher Education

Secure your campus with a mass notification for intruders and severe weather.

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K12 Education

Protect students, faculty and staff from potential threats and keep your school running smoothly with scheduled notifications.

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Increase safety and minimize downtime with a mass notification system that integrates with existing systems.

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Streamline operations with mass notifications for shift changes, store hours and delivery arrival times.

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Emergency & Mass Notification System

InformaCast Advanced

Send a mass notification to on-premises devices throughout your building or campus.

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Text Alert & Emergency Notification System

InformaCast Mobile

Use a mobile app or web console to distribute a mass notification to mobile devices that reach people away from their desks or outside the building.

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Emergency Notification System Solutions

InformaCast Fusion

Provide the most complete coverage with IT alerting notifications that reach people on-premises and on mobile devices.

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