Joy Global Uses Singlewire Software to Send Emergency Notification



Joy Global Holding Company, is a worldwide leader in the manufacture of underground and above-ground industrial mining equipment and employs thousands of workers in assembly plants around the world.


Business Challenge:

Joy Global was using outdated and disparate phone systems in their production and assembly facilities. The company needed a way to quickly send a critical notification to workers in the event of an emergency or severe weather. In addition, it was difficult for managers to learn of the situation if someone dialed 911 directly instead of using the internal emergency phone number. With worker safety being a primary focus for the company, the challenge was to improve the safety of the workers by building an effective tool for emergency mass notification.



Joy Global implemented a Cisco Unified Communications solution across the entire enterprise, including network routers, phones, and wireless access points. The Singlewire InformaCast alert notification software-enabled Joy Global to transform its Cisco investment into a network-based mass emergency notification, crisis communication, and overhead paging system. And with Singlewire CallAware, a free add-on to InformaCast, Joy Global can monitor the phone system for specific numbers dialed, including 911.

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