InformaCast Pricing

Understand how InformaCast is priced and the differences between each service level. 

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InformaCast offers three service levels beyond Basic Paging to enhance the speed and reach of your communications. Pricing for each is determined by the number of endpoints or users your organization needs to reach. InformaCast Advanced reaches on-premises devices within a building or campus. InformaCast Mobile utilizes a mobile app and web console to reach people on their mobile devices, and InformaCast Fusion provides the best of both worlds, bringing together the ability to reach mobile and on-premises devices from a single interface.

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What's included in a user?

An InformaCast Fusion user includes an IP phone, a desktop running InformaCast Desktop Notifier, and up to fourteen mobile devices, with a maximum of five designated as Android or iOS, and up to three (per type) designated as SMS, Phone Call, and email.

An InformaCast Mobile user includes up to fourteen mobile devices, with a maximum of five designated as Android or iOS, and up to three (per type) designated as SMS, Phone Call, and email.

InformaCast Advanced is licensed by the number of IP endpoints an organization needs to reach with an emergency message. Endpoints include Cisco IP phones, InformaCast compatible IP speakers or zone controllers, and desktop computers running InformaCast Desktop Notifier.

How good is your InformaCast service?

InformaCast is a top-ranked emergency mass notification system, used by more than 7,000 organizations in more than 50 countries. Read first-hand accounts of our customers’ experiences with InformaCast on our testimonials page, or read our case studies to understand how our customers are leveraging InformaCast for emergency communications.

InformaCast customers also benefit from our stellar support staff who can assist with troubleshooting, unique configurations, and everything in between. Learn why our support team rocks in this blog post.

If you’re curious about what sets our service apart from our competitors, view our short, online demo to see what InformaCast's capabilities.

What's the fine print? Are there any additional fees?

New InformaCast Fusion and InformaCast Mobile Subscriptions allow for up to 250 users. Smaller user quantities in increments of 50 are available to customers purchasing user/device add-ons.

InformaCast Advanced service level is sold in blocks of 50 for users/endpoints. All three service levels are available as an annual subscription. InformaCast Advanced can also be purchased as a perpetual license.

Beyond purchasing the licenses to begin using InformaCast, an onboarding fee is applied to customers purchasing InformaCast Mobile or InformaCast Fusion. This is to help ensure the successful setup and implementation of the software.

InformaCast Fusion includes high availability, as does InformaCast Advanced (referred to as Resiliency). Contact our sales team to learn more.

For customers that cannot use multicast audio streaming across their wide area network, the InformaCast Paging Gateway is a separately-licensed component that overcomes this challenge to send audio across the WAN without needing to route multicast. Contact our sales team to learn more.

Professional services are also available to those that require assistance with their network or Cisco Unified Communications Manager when implementing InformaCast Fusion or InformaCast Advanced. These services are often provided by your Cisco reseller/integrator. Contact us for more information or to be put in touch with a Cisco reseller in your area. Visit our ecosystem partner page to see the other devices and systems with which InformaCast can connect.

Does InformaCast cost more (or less) than the competition?

At first glance, this question may seem confusing. Which is it – more or less? But the answer is dependent on a few different factors, including your use cases, which competitor, and the InformaCast service level you’re considering. Conducting an apples-to-apples comparison of Emergency Mass Notification vendors can be challenging, but let’s start by identifying where InformaCast is more expensive. If you’re a municipality or county trying to notify its citizens via bulk SMS text messaging, InformaCast will be more expensive. That’s because InformaCast was architected to reach individuals associated within an organization via many different methods, whereas bulk SMS text messaging for large quantities of users is a commodity service, often priced at 35 cents per user per year or less.

For most businesses and organizations, InformaCast costs less when you compare it to the total cost of an emergency mass notification system. Most emergency mass notification vendors are focused solely on notifications to mobile phones, and initially, this may seem like the best value. But when you add on additional on-premises alerting systems to extend your reach, this drives up the total cost and decreases usability. InformaCast does both, reaching people on mobile devices, as well as in-building devices already in place, such as desk phones, overhead paging systems, IP speakers, digital signage, and computer desktops to provide added value to your existing technology investment. Studies have shown that using these multiple communication channels is critical to improving the speed and reach of the emergency messages, and speed and reach are what make an emergency notification system effective. It’s in this context that customers and partners have referenced how inexpensive InformaCast is, relative to the competition.

Are discounts available for subscription terms longer than one year?

Yes. Pricing is also available for 2, 3, 4, and 5 year terms, with increasing discounts based on contract length. Contact Singlewire Sales for a quote.