911 Alerting

CallAware® for InformaCast® monitors the calls that come into Communications Manager. When a call is made to a number that CallAware has been configured to monitor (e.g. 911), the call recording software will record it and trigger a text/audio mass notification to any supported InformaCast device (IP phones, analog/IP speakers, desktops, etc.)


  • Speeds up emergency response, improving chances of a positive outcome. 
  • Provides important information about the nature and location of the emergency, so people responding to the emergency can make informed choices. 
  • Enhances your organization's safety plan.
  • Logs/tracks errant emergency calls.


  • Monitors call occurrences
  • Notifies staff that a call has occurred
  • Relays information about who placed the call, where it was placed, and at what time.
  • Records the call
  • Triggers follow-up events through contact closures, such as locked doors or intercom sessions

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