911 Alerting Software - CallAware

CallAware® for InformaCast® monitors the calls that come into Communications Manager. When a call is made to a number that CallAware has been configured to monitor (e.g. 911), the 911 alerting software will record the call and trigger a text/audio mass notification to any supported InformaCast device (IP phones, analog/IP speakers, desktops, etc.)


  • Speeds up emergency response, improving chances of a positive outcome. 
  • Provides important information about the nature and location of the emergency, so people responding to the emergency can make informed choices. 
  • Enhances your organization's safety plan.
  • Logs/tracks errant emergency calls.


  • Monitors call occurrences
  • Notifies staff that a call has occurred
  • Relays information about who placed the call, where it was placed, and at what time.
  • Records the call
  • Triggers follow-up events through contact closures, such as locked doors or intercom sessions

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The Difference Between CallAware and CER

As a Cisco partner, we are often asked what the difference is between our CallAware offering and Cisco Emergency Response (CER). While similar, there are several distinctions to between the two tools.

  1. CER sends basic notifications via a phone call or email, while InformaCast provides rich notification capabilities that allow it to quickly notify key personnel via many methods, confirm their receipt of the notification and assist with organizing the response. See our any-to-any graphic for more details.
  2. Both solutions can share the calling number, device name and time of the call. CER can also provide location information dynamically based on the phone’s location in the network. InformaCast provides the phone’s description field in CUCM, which can be used to share location information. However, this is based on the administrator populating the information in CUCM and does not change dynamically if the phone moves to a new location.
  3. Instead of a phone call being placed with the alerting message when 911 is called, InformaCast can page to a specified zone.
  4. CER can change the calling party number to match the appropriate ELIN when sending the call to the PSTN. This allows the PSAP to receive additional location information when they receive the call and may be required for e911 compliance. InformaCast does not modify the calling party number of the 911 call in any way.

The best part is that InformaCast and CER can co-exist. The two tools’ features complement one another to provide the best all-around solution for 911 alerting.

See our Difference Between Cisco Emergency Responder and InformaCast CallAware blog post for more.


Easy 911 Alerting Setup

Organizations using InformaCast Advanced and CUCM 11.5(1)SU3 or higher will have access to easy setup features for InformaCast CallAware. The CallAware configuration is included in the CCM Admin interface. That means organizations don’t need to worry about logging into another system to set up the safety features they need.

Often people in an organization are not aware an emergency occurs until an ambulance shows up on their doorstep. With CallAware, the people who need to know to get the information they need to facilitate a response. Keeping people safe is a top priority, and that process should be as easy as possible. Using a wizard-like setup process, in a few minutes, InformaCast CallAware can be configured on phones throughout an organization. This empowers everyone to help spread the word when an emergency occurs.

See our Cisco Now Offers Quick Set Up for Two Key InformaCast Safety Features blog post for more.


911 Message Template

If an organization is going to respond to an emergency, it needs to know when one happens. Organizations are able to do that when they implement CallAware. But what should that message say? Here is a an example of an emergency message that can be prebuilt into InformaCast to automatically send when an emergency number is dialed.

Subject: 911 Dialed in the Building

Body: 911 has been dialed. Be prepared to direct emergency personnel and facilitate a response.

For more emergency message templates, check out our 7 Emergency Notification Message Templates Every Organization Needs to Have blog post.


After 911 is Called

One of the earliest lessons everyone learns is that when an emergency occurs, you should call 911, but what does your organization do after 911 is called? This can be a challenging question to answer as it will likely depend on the situation. However, there a few basic actions every organization should take after emergency services have been called.

Using CallAware, organizations send alerts to the right personnel to let them know to expect emergency responders. From there, InformaCast can help gather the right people on a conference call, which is particularly useful if an organization is spread over a wide area. With CallAware organizations can also listen to a recording of the call to gain a better understanding of the situation.

These actions help organizations fulfill their duty of care to provide an informed and efficient response to an emergency.

Read our What to do After 911 is Called blog post for more information.


Use Case: Emergency 911 Alerting in Manufacturing

Joy Global, a manufacturing company in Wisconsin, was for a way its managers could receive an alert if someone used one the facility phones to call 911 directly, rather than the internal emergency phone number. With worker safety being a primary focus for the company, the challenge was to improve the safety of the workers by building an effective tool for emergency mass notification.

Joy Global implemented a Cisco Unified Communications solution across the entire enterprise, including network routers, phones, and wireless access points. Using InformaCast, Joy Global transformed its Cisco investment into a network-based mass emergency notification, crisis communication, overhead paging and 911-alerting system.



Read the full case study:  Joy Global Uses Singlewire Software to Send Emergency Notification.


White paper: Scalable Deployment for 911 Alerting

If your organization is interested in deploying InformaCast CallAware, Singlewire Software offers a detailed white paper outlining what the process entails. This white paper provides a scalable deployment process that will work in most environments without disrupting the existing dialing capabilities while configuration takes place. This allows cutover to take place at a chosen time, happen instantly, conduct testing, and provides a quick easy method to back out if need be

Read the full white paper: Scalable Deployment for Emergency Call Alerting and Recording.