Panic Buttons

InformaCast offers organizations five different panic button options they can leverage to discreetly send alerts directly to security teams and throughout a facility. Whether it’s a medical emergency, violent intruder, or other crisis, these one-touch solutions ensure the right people get notified quickly so an incident can be resolved in as little time as possible.



Explore InformaCast Panic Buttons

Desk Phone Soft Keys

Many organizations want to make panic buttons as accessible as possible. One easy way to do this is by configuring soft keys on desk phones with help from InformaCast. Pre-configured buttons can be used to launch lockdowns, evacuations, or signal that someone is in danger. Text and prerecorded audio can be sent to specific security personnel or throughout your organization. People can quickly activate alerts and then get to safety without drawing attention to themselves.

See how this can work in an active shooter situation 


Physical Device Integration

Some organizations want physical devices, such as PoE panic buttons to help minimize the risk of the button being accidentally pressed. SIP-enabled panic buttons and/or intercom endpoints can be set up to trigger and/or receive InformaCast broadcasts. These devices can be mounted under a desk or in a discreet location. If an event takes place, the user presses the button. The call button automatically makes a call to a preset extension number. InformaCast can be configured to monitor that extension using CallAware and trigger a broadcast. If your organization would prefer to use these devices for panic buttons, Singlewire Software partners with several vendors that integrate with InformaCast.

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Keyboard Shortcuts

Another easy-to-access device is a desktop computer. While many organizations see the desktop as an endpoint, using InformaCast it can also be used send messages. Organizations that download the InformaCast app to their Windows computers can configure keyboard shortcuts that serve as desktop panic buttons. This short combination of keys will trigger a preconfigured message to send an alert. The desktop app can also be used to receive messages, and has access to InformaCast Command Center to send alerts that need more details.

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Wearable Device

InformaCast can now integrate with wearable badges. These devices can be worn by an employee as a personal ID badge which has two discreet buttons that can be pushed to request help during an emergency. When the button is pressed, a message is sent to internal security teams with the name of the person who activated the button and their location. This allows security teams to quickly deploy a response while offering employees personalized protection that lets them know their organizations prioritize their well-being.



Visit our  InformaCast Personal Duress Package page for more information.


InformaCast App

The InformaCast app is available to download from the Google Play or Apple App stores. System administrators can create mobile panic buttons from within the web interface that will appear on designated end-users InformaCast mobile app. When the user activates the button, they will receive instructions and be able to connect with safety teams via a phone call directly from the app to receive further assistance.


Administrators will be notified that someone has activated the button and can see a user’s location through the InformaCast mobile app. They will also be able to send follow-up messages to the user. The event is tracked so information can be relayed to first responders, so they know where to go, who is involved, and what kind of situation they're walking into. The mobile panic button available within the InformaCast app is part of the InformaCast Personal Duress Package.

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Next Steps

Some organizations are making large investments in disconnected tools that deliver the solutions listed above, but with InformaCast you can do all five, while also having access to robust on-premises and mobile notification and critical event management features.

Contact our team to learn you can save money and enhance safety with panic buttons connected to InformaCast or explore other safety and communication features available with InformaCast.