InformaCast® Fusion Wins Commercial Integrator BEST Award for Mass Notification

Singlewire Software win 2020 Commercial Integrator Best Award for InformaCast
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Madison, Wis. – Jun. 15, 2020 – Singlewire Software has won a Commercial Integrator BEST Award from Commercial Integrator magazine for InformaCast Fusion with Mobile Command Center. The tool was honored in the Security category for mass notification emergency communication solutions. The award program recognizes outstanding new products, solutions, and services that can affect commercial integrators’ businesses. InformaCast Fusion was selected for its innovation, functionality, competitive advantages, and benefits it offers to the installer.

We’re always looking to provide valuable safety products that integrators can easily leverage to enhance their environments,” said Pat Scheckel, executive vice president of product management at Singlewire Software. “This award emphasizes the value InformaCast can add to existing technology investments by empowering devices with safety functionality.”

InformaCast Fusion with Mobile Command Center enables organizations to create dynamic alerts for common emergency scenarios. Using customizable questions, icons and templates, dispatchers can include all the necessary information needed to keep people safe during dangerous events, such as active shooter situations, chemical spills, or medical emergencies. These icons, along with text and color customization options, make it simple for a user to identify and trigger an alert. The icons can be associated with prebuilt messages and groups, as well as questions the users can answer to provide additional details in the message. These questions are completely customizable to best suit the needs of the organization.

Once these icons are configured, they will become available to users with the proper permissions within the InformaCast Mobile app. If security personnel are roaming a building and notice a potentially dangerous situation unfolding, they can use the app to send an alert. Icons will be available in the app and walk the user through the same process of answering questions before the notification is sent. This means the user doesn’t need to be in front of a computer to trigger a message, speeding up the alerting process.

Our judges make sure to consider the benefits each product provides to integrators and their businesses,” said Jonathan Blackwood, editorial director of Commercial Integrator. “Further, we try to consider how these products improve the workflow of end users once the integrator is finished with the project and off the site. When it comes down to it, the products selected this year provide serious benefits to integrators and their customers.