InformaCast® with Incident Management from Singlewire Software Wins 2022 Secure Campus Award

Singlewire Software wins 2022 Secure Campus Award
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Madison, Wis. – Apr. 8, 2022 – Singlewire Software has won a 2022 Secure Campus Award from Campus Security and Life Safety. The company won a gold award for its InformaCast with Incident Management solution in the Emergency Notification/Mass Notification category. The awards honor outstanding campus security services and products and winners were selected by an independent panel of judges from the security industry who judged entrants on features, innovation, user-friendliness, interoperability, quality, design, market opportunity, and impact in the security industry.

Campuses are beginning to realize that it’s not enough to just send out a message at the onset of an emergency,” said Paul Shain, president and CEO of Singlewire Software. “This award highlights the desire for solutions that can help manage incidents from beginning to end while still providing the best possible speed and reach for critical messages.”

InformaCast with Incident Management allows users can designate certain notifications as relevant to a particular event. This can include the initial alert, follow-up messages, and “All Clear” messages to signal the event has been resolved. These alerts can be sent to all of an organization’s devices as text and audio to ensure maximum reach. Users are also able to upload relevant resources into the incident hub to help give safety team members all the information and assistance they require to easily manage the situation. This can include safety checklists, building floor plans, and links to external resources like security camera feeds. This reduces the need to navigate long lists or complex menus. When the incident is over, a report is created that allows users to review how the event was managed and inform future adjustments to ensure the most effective response possible.

The ingenuity, inventiveness and adaptivity represented across this year’s products was truly astounding,” said Matt Jones, senior editor for Campus Security & Life Safety. “We feel it’s important to celebrate organizations dedicated to addressing everchanging campus security problems and solutions, and we’re continually amazed at the ways they rise to meet new challenges.”

Singlewire Software partner AtlasIED(link is external) was recognized with a platinum award in the Emergency Notification/Mass Notification category for its IPX Endpoints that offer InformaCast integration. InformaCast and Atlas IPX endpoints can be used to help campuses send alerts about events that impact student and staff safety. Whether it is an active shooter, severe weather, medical emergency, or another crisis, InformaCast and IPX can deliver the information people need to stay out of harm’s way, mitigating risk.

The native integration between our IPX family of IP endpoints and InformaCast has created a complete, reliable mass communication system offering enhanced notifications, audibility and visibility for many environments including educational facilities,” said Michael Peveler, Vice President of Sales for AtlasIED. “Our partnership has resulted in an incredibly powerful platform that optimizes daily and emergency communications both on and off campus with the key life-saving features our end users require.”

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