Singlewire Software Wins 2023 New Product Awards for InformaCast with Visitor Aware from THE Journal and Campus Technology

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Madison, Wis. – Dec. 19, 2023 – Singlewire Software, the leader in solutions that help keep people safe and informed, has won 2023 New Product Awards from THE Journal and Campus Technology for its InformaCast with Visitor Aware solution. The software was recognized with a platinum award by THE Journal and a gold award from Campus Technology in the Emergency Notification System category. InformaCast with Visitor Aware was honored for the outstanding product development achievements that were considered to be particularly noteworthy in the transformation of education technology.

“Education leaders continue to look for all-in-one solutions that meet their pressing security needs,” said Terry Swanson, president and CEO of Singlewire Software. “This award highlights the value and innovation of our integrated mass notification and visitor management solutions for schools, districts, colleges, and universities.”

InformaCast with Visitor Aware combines Singlewire Software’s mass notification and visitor management tools into an integrated solution. With InformaCast, schools get the ability to send text, audio, and visual alerts when a crisis occurs, and they can leverage a full suite of incident management tools. With Visitor Aware, schools can establish standard check-in procedures for all guests and screen guests against government watchlists, legal injunctions, and banned visitor lists. Together, guests checked in with Visitor Aware can be automatically enrolled to receive InformaCast notifications, and flagged visitors that appear in Visitor Aware will initiate InformaCast alerts so security teams can intervene.

“We celebrate this year’s New Product Award winners for their pivotal role in advancing teaching, learning, and administration in K–12 and higher education,” said Rhea Kelly, editor-in-chief of Campus Technology and THE Journal. “Kudos to the exceptional products that have made a significant impact this year.”

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Singlewire Software, based in Madison, Wis., is the developer of InformaCast and Visitor Aware, two solutions that enable organizations to detect threats, notify everyone, and manage incidents. More than 5,000 organizations in over 80 countries use these tools to enhance safety and communication so they can protect their most important asset: their people. From screening visitors to sending alerts and handling critical events, Singlewire Software offers solutions for every safety challenge.

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