Singlewire Software Partners with Critical Response Group to Add Critical Incident Mapping to InformaCast Mass Notification

Critical Response Group and Singlewire Software
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Requests for assistance will include location information as a visual map

Madison, Wis. (Aug. 3, 2023) –  Singlewire Software, the leader in solutions that help keep people safe and informed, announces its partnership with Critical Response Group (CRG) to add critical incident mapping capabilities to Singlewire’s InformaCast software. InformaCast users will be able to upload CRG maps to InformaCast and see location information in notifications.

“The more information response teams have, the more effectively they can help people during a crisis,” said Paul Shain, president and CEO of Singlewire Software. “Adding CRG maps to InformaCast provides helpful visual assets to critical notifications to quickly understand where incidents are occurring and where to direct help.”

The partnership will provide a foundation for Singlewire to enhance the notification capabilities of InformaCast by including a visual location of where the person is when they initiate an alert. Organizations will be able to define buildings, floors, and rooms with CRG Collaborative Response Graphics® that have been uploaded into InformaCast. Those details will be tied to the scenarios an organization creates. When a scenario is initiated, the user will be able to add these details to their message. Recipients will receive the notification along with a map that has a highlighted area indicating the sender’s location. This helps provide critical information to responders who can ascertain where the person is and send assistance.

“Seconds matter during an emergency, which is why it is important for organizations to reach all of their people with the information they need to stay safe,” said Mike Rodgers, Chief Executive Officer of Critical Response Group. “Combining the powerful mass notification and incident management capabilities of InformaCast with our Collaborative Response Graphics means vital messages will reach people with the necessary context for them to deploy an effective response.”

While the partnership will primarily focus on serving schools and districts, CRG provides maps for organizations across a wide range of industries including business, government, and healthcare. To learn more about how critical incident mapping in InformaCast can help organizations manage crisis events, visit

About Singlewire Software
Singlewire Software, based in Madison, Wis., is the developer of InformaCast and Visitor Aware, two solutions that enable organizations to detect threats, notify everyone, and manage incidents. More than 5,000 organizations in over 80 countries use these tools to enhance safety and communication so they can protect their most important asset: their people. From screening visitors to sending alerts and handling critical events, Singlewire Software offers solutions for every safety challenge. To learn more, visit

About Critical Response Group
Critical Response Group, Inc. is the nation’s leader in critical incident mapping data producing common operating pictures to enhance command and control efforts during an emergency. CRG’s origins are grounded in thousands of real-life direct-action raids conducted by the United States Special Operations Forces (USSOF) over the past two decades and dozens of county-wide deployments domestically over the past five years. The management team’s mix of decorated and combat-tested USSOF officers and senior law enforcement executives possess a unique perspective on building and implementing CRGs for domestic first responders, with a focus on CRGs being used when a crisis occurs. For more information, visit or contact us by emailing [email protected].