Protecting local government buildings with visitor management

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From American City & County

Operations within local government buildings are critical, which is why it’s important to have tools in place that can protect the people inside to keep those operations running as smoothly as possible. That starts with creating a secure entrance. Many organizations either do not have standard processes in place for guests who visit their facilities or rely on pen-and-paper check-in sheets, which can allow unauthorized personnel to gain access to sensitive areas. Visitor management systems can offer a digital alternative that can help organizations identify potential threats before they can disrupt ongoing activities.

These tools can come in different forms, but local governments should keep flexibility in mind, particularly regarding the hardware these systems rely on to conduct check-ins. Proprietary hardware can limit how an organization can set up a check-in area and create unforeseen issues if hardware becomes inoperable. Being able to choose the devices that fit an organization’s budget and needs offers more freedom for an organization to create a process that works best for them and their visitors.

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